Want amazing hair? Yes, please!

Every girl knows that a great blowout is not an extravagance or a guilty pleasure; it is indispensable—vital and essential to everyday life! 

At Blowout Fanatic, we wash, blow dry and style your hair into the perfect coif so that you can hit the town. 

Laura E. Baccash, Founder

As a corporate restructuring lawyer turned communications executive in Chicago, I was constantly short on time. Dealing with my wavy, thick hair was a challenge. After years of trying to style it myself, I finally walked into a blowout salon . . . and never looked back. Coming out with fabulous, flowing, confidence-boosting locks that lasted for days was a total game changer. From that day forward, I was completely devoted.

Then I met my husband, moved to Columbia and changed my entire career trajectory.

I could not find a salon in Columbia primarily devoted to providing blowouts – somewhere I could get a quick, polished look on a regular basis without hassle.

Armed with an industrious spirit, expertise from a top Chicago stylist and a desire to have amazing hair every day, I decided to bring Blowout Fanatic to Columbia in order to give amazing hair to everyone!